Bangka Belitung Culture

Consists of two main islands which called the same as its name, Bangka and Belitung, Ma...


Bangka Belitung Culture

This province was part of South Sumatra, before it established as province in 2000. It consists of two main islands which called the same as its name, Bangka and Belitung. These two islands have tin as the natural resource, although its production is decreasing compared on their glorious era few years before, and since founded by the Netherlands colonial government. Malay and Chinese people live side by side in Bangka and Belitung. Chinese culture influences are shown in the Buddhist temples on Bangka islands, so does the culinary riches. With its archipelago form, this province holds a big marine tourism potential. Moreover, tourism into Belitung Island has been increasing since Andrea Hirata’s famous novel and movie, Laskar Pelangi.

Custom House

Stage house, Limas house and rakit house is the custom home Bangka Belitung Islands. Model of custom homes is almost the same as custom homes of other provinces in Sumatra Island. The architectural model of traditional house from Bangka Belitung characterized the Malay architecture. There are three kinds of Malay traditional house architectural feature namely early Malay architecture, Bubung Panjang Malay and Bubung Limas Malay.

The architecture of early Malay homes is stage home which made from wood. Almost all the materials used to build this house is wood, bamboo, rattan, tree roots, leaves or reeds which grow a lot and it is very easily obtained around village in Bangka Belitung Islands. The architecture of early Malay houses usually has high-roof and some part of the roof is slanted.

In general, the custom houses from Bangka Belitung Islands consist of only one floor. These conditions are based on the traditional culture of Bangka Belitung, which do not allow young children to occupy a position sitting higher than their parents, also children not allowed sleep in a position higher than the elders. This attitude or wisdom for teaching that parents should be appreciated and respected by their children. Therefore, the public of Bangka Belitung Islands is not familiar with the existence of storey house so that the younger generations have good attitude and understand how to appreciate the older generations.

Rebo Kasan

Ceremony that done by Air Anyer village people. It is believed that one day of a year, the God give His 320,000 angels in the world. The people must together to pray. This ceremony was held in the beach, but now on, it held in the mosque then continued to the beach. Formerly, this ceremony become the people party with its star party is ‘Dambus’ art.

A Balinese countryside is found in this Island named Giri Jati village, complete with all of Bali culture that remembering us to Bali Island. Beside Bali tribe, we also can found Bugis tribe that adds the various cultures in Bangka Belitung Island. This Bugis tribe can be found in the fishermen village at Tanjung Binga. Otherwise, the original tribe, Melayu culture has strong influence in the traditional ceremony and religious ceremony.

Another Custom Ceremonies

  • Sepintu Sedulang, a ritual known as Nganggung where they are serving a tray containing foods to be eaten by anyone in the mosque.
  • Ceriak Nerang, a ceremony after the harvest of rice as gratitude to God.
  • Perang Ketupat, ceremony held each Sya'ban month to welcomes Ramadan
  • Bathroom Belimau, held a week before the beginning of Ramadan River dock on the edge.
  • Lesong Panjang, ceremony that was held as a gratitude to God for the harvest.
  • Customary Sijuk, a special ceremony on the day of religion.
  • Welcome Dance, a dance in the typical, when people do welcome the guests - special guests.
  • Nirak Nanggok, a custom ceremony to show gratitude on the good, conducted in Membalong Village, Belitung.

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