Flores Hidden Beauties

The attractiveness of nature wrapped in Flores population lives full of tradition custo...


Flores Hidden Beauties

The attractiveness of nature wrapped in Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur population lives full of tradition customs, values and cultural heritage is very impressive, leaving a deep impression to outsiders who visit. From its richness of cultural characteristics, language, and history in the various local tribes in Manggarai Flores Ngada, Nagekeo, Ende, Sikka, and Lamaholot, this cultural heritage can easily become a tourist attraction. If you are happened to visit Flores, you can try to explore these two hidden tourist attraction around its islands for more deep natural and cultural discoveries:

Liang Ndara Cultural Tourism Village

Liang Ndara village has become a point of interest for enjoying the natural scenery of Flores, particularly the beautiful view of many small islands and breathtaking sunsets. Liang Ndara Village is within the Sano Nggoang district of the West Manggarai region. It is 20 km from Labuan Bajo, or around 45 minutes by car or motorbike along good quality asphalt road. Liang Ndara is the gateway to the Mbeliling Forest area and has beautiful flora and flora, three species of Flores endemic birds, as well as being the water source for the Labuan Bajo community.
Liang Ndara is well known for its cultural attraction, the traditional Manggarai Caci dance. You can try to visit Compang To'e's Cultural Studio that promotes the Caci and Tetek Aluh dance attraction as a cultural experience and a traditional Manggarai community reception. In addition to this cultural attraction, Liang Ndara also boasts natural beauty such as 3 waterfalls that surrounds its village; Liang Kantor, Wae Satar and Wae Rebus. These waterfalls have unique value in the height of the falls as well as being in the same location as caves.
You can try forest trekking to Mbeliling Mountain, it is 30 km from Labuan Bajo, around 1.5 hours. The highest point of Mbeliling is 1.239m above sea level and it is diverse in Floresian flora and fauna. Three Flores endemic bird species can be found in Mbeliling, namely the Flores Monarch, Wallace's Hanging Parrot and the Flores Crow. For tourists who wish to go trekking, there is an information centre in Roe, Cunca Lolos VIllage, facilitated by NGO Swiss Contact. At Roe you can receive information about trekking, as well as find a local guide and camping equipmment. Local homestays are available to spend a night in the area.
While you are trekking around Mbeliling, never miss Cunca Rami waterfall, it is one of the more prominent tourist attractions in the Mbeliling Forest area. This is due to the height of the falls, which tower at 30m. Cunca Rami water fall can be reached from Roe or from Werang, the major village in the Sano Nggoang district.

Lake Sano Nggoang 

Lake Sano Nggoang is located in Wae Sano village, Sano Nggoang district, West Manggarai. It is 63 kilometres from Labuan Bajo and takes about 3 hours by car or motorbike. Between Labuan Bajo and Werang - the major village of Sano Nggoang district – the road is asphalt, from Werang to Lake Sano Nggoang is is a stone road.
Here you can enjoy an amazing view of a natural volcanic lake that has sulphuric content high enough for activites related to skin health, revitalisation and can be circled by horse back. Lake Sano Nggoang is in a still natural area and when viewed from above at a distance of 150 metres its beauty is two-fold.
Around Lake Sano Nggoang are hot springs up to 100 degrees Farenheit / 37 degrees Celsius with true natural value. The real attraction here is the water being hot enough to cook eggs and bananas in just 3 minutes. Visitors can also experience a Natural Spa in a small pool near the lakes' edge.
Lake Sano Nggoang also attractive as a bird watching location with a high population of birds in the region. Here you might find several endemic bird species found in the region of Lake Sano Nggoang include: Teals; Endemic Flores Crow species; and Swamp species.
You can try a short trekking route in Sesok Forest forest and find several plants that often used by the local community for fever, flu, malaria, pregnancy and cancer as natural medicine. These medicines can be seen while trekking. Trekking to Savanna Peak is short but steep. From the peak, the lake, Mbeliling Forest and a number of small islands can be seen. It is also possible to enjoy traditional coffee and local food at the peak.
To optimize the potential of tourism in the Lake Sano Nggoang area, NGO BirdLife Indonesia implemented a facilitation model to increase the quality of local community resources through community participation in tourism development that contributes to improving the local economy, conserving the environment and educating community members and tourists about the environment.

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