Kerinci Seblat National Park

The best place for travellers to see most of the highland Sumatran endemic species and ...


Kerinci Seblat National Park

The Kerinci Seblat National Park spans four provinces: West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu and South Sumatra, and it is the largest national park in Sumatra. It comprises of lowland rain forest, sub-alpine forest, peat-swamp, freshwater swamps and lakes. The park area includes a large part of the Barisan Mountain range which forms the western spine of the island of Sumatra, and includes the highest active volcano in Sumatra, Mount Kerinci.

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Most famous amongst bird-watchers, Kerinci Seblat is the best place for travellers to spot most of the bird species endemic to highland Sumatra. Here bird-watchers can observe the rhinoceros hornbill, wreathed hornbill, and hear for themselves the hysterical laugh of the helmeted hornbill. Thee park also offers protection to some of the most endangered species of wildlife in the world, including the Sumatran Tiger, the Sumatran Rhinoceros, the Sun Bear, Sumatran Elephants, and the Clouded Leopard.

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You may also have a chance to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Golden Cat or, the even more mysterious species of primate that walks in an upright position. This primate is often reported to disappear rapidly amongst the trees. Recognised by local inhabitants by several names, it has now become one of Asia's greatest natural history mysteries, and it is popularly named, "orang pendek" meaning “short human”. Sightings of the “short human” have been reported in Kerinci Seblat for the past 150 years, but the creature has yet to be identified by experts.

Kerinci Seblat National Park is ideal for trekking through thick jungle, but trekking must be accompanied by rangers assigned to each resort station. Trekking activities include mountain climbing and camping. To camp overnight it is advisable that visitors are accompanied by at least one local employed as a porter to carry tents and cooking utensils.

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Start your trekking route from Kersik Tuo to have a chance of staying overnight by the Gunung Tujuh Lake that is surrounded by seven mountains; this is the highest volcanic lake in Sumatra. If you are lucky you can see elephants, tigers, or other wild animals during adventure in the jungle.

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Ask your guide whether you will be able to visit the Napal Licin and the Kasah cave complexes that are rich in stalactites and stalagmites. To visit this place you have to take boat upstream the Rawas River. It is a newly developing tourism destination in the Musi Rawas area. You also can continue your journey to the Solar, the Nguak and the Kunyit Caves where you can enjoy jets of crystal-clear water from thermal springs.

Getting There

The easiest access is from Painan, Pesisir Selatan district, or from Solok Selatan. From Minangkabau international airport in Padang, visitors must go to Padang first and continue their journey to Painan by rented car or arranged travel by an agent. In Painan, visitors must first report at the Office of Lumpo Resort, which is located behind the Painan bus station and the market, and bring along the Entry Permit to a Conservation Area (SIMAKSI) from the Central Office of the Management of National Park II (PTN II) in Padang.

The other main access point to the park is from Sungai Penuh in the province of Jambi. There is a National Parks office located in Sungai Penuh where you will need to get a permit to access the park. It takes around 9-10 hours by car from Jambi to Sungai Penuh.

When to Go

Best time to visit is from January to October. Rainfall is heaviest between October to April while May to August is mainly dry but with some occasional rains.  There are no major variations in seasonal temperature. Because much of the park is above 700m in altitude, evenings and nights tend to be cool while in the high mountains temperatures may occasionally drop as low as 5C at night.

Where to Stay

Homestay Pak Subandi
Address: Jl. Raya Muara Labuh, Kersik Tuo Village, Kayu Aro, Kerinci, Jambi
Phone: (+62) 748 357009
Mobile: (+62) 81274114273

Hotel Mahkota
Address: Jl.Depati Parbo Koto Lebu, Sungai Penuh, Jambi
Phone: (+62) 748 21640 / (+62) 748 323984

Homestay Family
Address: Jl. Lindung Jaya M-10, Kresik Tuo Village, Kayu Aro, Kerinci, Jambi
Phone: (+62) 748 357080
Mobile: (+62) 821 8389 7788

Hotel Kayu Manis
Address: Jl. RE Martadinata No. 34, Sungai Penuh, Jambi
Phone: (+62) 748 21226
Mobile: (+62) 823 7545 7779

Hotel Jaya Wisata
Address: Jl. RE Martadinata No. 07, Sungai Penuh, Jambi
Phone: (+62) 748 21221

Travel Essentials

Before visiting the Kerinci Seblat National Park, visitors must first obtain a SIMAKSI permit from the Central Office of the Management of National Park II (PTN II) at Khatib Sulaiman street no.46 Padang, Phone/Fax: 0751-447668. It is necessary for visitors to bring extra clothes, supplies, tents, torchlights, salt for deterring snakes, tobacco to avoid leeches and anti-mosquito lotion. Despite the difficult environment, it is possible for you to visit Lumpo waterfall and return on the same day. You can come in the morning and return in late afternoon.

Eco Travel Tips

If you desire to travel around the Kerinci Seblat National Park off the Lumpo Resort, it is best to save time by staying in the forest so that you can enjoy the flora and fauna. To support the conservation you can purchase T-shirts designed by young national park officers in the national park office. Never buy wildlife products or wild plants even if someone offers it to you. Focus on filling your memory card or just enjoy the show but resist the urge to feed animals—even the cute ones.

Useful Contact and Important Numbers

Kerinci Seblat National Park Office
Address: Jl. Basuki Rahmat No.11 Sungai Penuh, Jambi, 32112
Phone: (+62) 748 22250
Fax: (+62) 263 621257

Travel Package and Guide Information

Wild Sumatra Adventure
Address: Sungai Penuh, Jambi,
Mobile: (+62) 812 60173651

Indonesia Trekking
Address: Jl. Tigaraksa Blok AF 26/29 Kaduagung – Tigaraksa, Tangerang 15720
Phone: (+62) 215 990 690, 5991904

Synergi Ravelino Tours and Travel
Address: Jl. Jalan A.R. Hakim/Bakti No. 175-A, Medan, North Sumatra
Phone: (+62) 617 352981
Fax: (+62) 617 352973
Mobile: (+62) 811 651399


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