Legu Gam Festival 2014

1 - 21 April 2014
NgaroLamo square, Ternate Sultanate - North Maluku 

Legu Gam Festival is the biggest festival in North Maluku. It is held once a year to celebrate the birthday of the Sultan of Ternate. Legu Gam, which literally means "the people's fiesta", illustrates the relations between the royal family and the common people. The highlights of the festival includes the Fere Kie ritual, Legu dance and Bambu Gila dance. There will be many other programs and activities, such as exhibitions, bazaars, cultural and traditional performances, seminars, Legu Gam Diving Expedition, boat races, and swimming and fishing competitions. 

For further information:
Culture and Tourism Office - North Maluku  
Jl. Kamboja No. 14A Ternate, North Maluku  
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