Romantic Pink Beach on Komodo Island

Enjoying the pink shade of the sands around Komodo Island for beach lovers...


Romantic Pink Beach on Komodo Island

On one side of Komodo Island, not far from Loh Liang pier, lies one of the most famous beaches in Indonesia. The local dweller named it the Red Beach, while travellers prefer to call it the Pink Beach. As the name implies, the sands on this beach look pink or reddish when they are exposed in seawater. Many say there are only two beaches with pink sands in the world. So the Pink Beach naturally becomes a must-visit destination for travellers coming to Komodo National Park.

However, tourists going to Pink Beach cannot just land their boat because coral reefs are surrounding this beautiful beach. Boats must be anchored within a safe distance so they do not create damage to the reefs. To actually reach the beach, tourists can just jump into the water and snorkel or swim their way towards the shore. Those who do not want to get themselves wet can use one of the small boats rented by the locals. The coral reefs around the Pink Beach are healthy with a very diverse fish species and visibility is good up to 5 meters of depth. However one has to be extra careful with the strong current and try not to swim against it to avoid fatigue.

Apparently, not all sands on this beach are red or pink. The white sands are mixed with the red and therefore create a reddish or pink hue when seen from a distance or through the sea water. There has been no research to uncover what actually gives the red sands their colour. Some believe that they came from the red tubular corals that were carried to the shore. The corals stayed and died there, and then, for hundreds of years, were gradually crushed into grains of red sands. Some also say that the sands on the beach were originally white and it was Foraminifera, a type of amoeba, that was responsible for the colour change.

The red and light pink corals on the reefs around the Pink Beach got their colour from them. So, Foraminifera might have done the same to the sands before they got washed ashore. Pink Beach is still relatively untouched. There is only a gazebo for resting travellers. And this makes sightseeing a delight. There is a hill at the end of the beach and it is the best location to see Pink Beach in all its beauty. From there, one can view an expansive alternating landscape of a brownish savannah, the red hue of the beach, and finally, a crystal clear shore that is gradually changing into the deeper blue shades of the sea.

Another activity that can be done at Pink Beach is sunbathing but one must be vigilant while doing this because a Komodo drago might creeped up from behind. Beach lovers would also enjoy the simple fun of playing in the sands of Pink Beach. And couples would find sitting together on the beach, enjoying the pink shade of the sands, or just running along the picture-perfect beach incredibly romantic. Just like in the movies. Come to Pink Beach and experience this for yourself.

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