Ujung Kulon National Park

It is the stronghold for several nearly extinct wildlife and plant species with the Jav...


Ujung Kulon National Park

Located on the south eastern tip of the island of Java, on the shore of the Sunda Straits, this national park encompasses the Ujung Kulon peninsula and the offshore islands of Panaitan, Handeuleum and Peucang that extend to the Krakatau nature reserve. The Ujung Kulon area offers various different landscapes, from the Gunung Payung massif in the southwest and the low rolling hills of the Telanca Plateau in the northeast, to the swamp areas characterizing the lower lying isthmus. Inventories of the Ujung Kulon wild life are the subject of numerous books, and in 1991, the area was declared by UNESCO as a natural heritage that protects the largest remaining lowland rainforest in Java. In 2005, the national park was also designated as an ASEAN Heritage Park.

The fauna on the peninsula and the islands is almost too extensive to describe in short. It is the sanctuary of several nearly extinct wildlife and plant species, with the Javan rhinoceros being under the most serious threat. Ujung Kulon is unquestionably crucial for the continued existence of the mere 50 Javan rhinoceros still alive. An enclosure is currently being developed for the ecological study of this one-horned rhino.

An assortment of wildlife inhabits the Ujung Kulon peninsula, such as deer, leopard, leopard cat, banteng (Bos javanicus), wild dog, and primates that include Javan surili, Javan lutung, and Javan gibbon. Some of animals are so unafraid of humans that they freely wander in and around the tourist lodges, others are sighted almost every day, many are heard rather than seen and some are rarely seen. The park has a wide variety of marine habitats. The rocky shores, mangrove swamps, mud flats, sea grass beds, coral reefs and sea trenches, providing diverse and fascinating insights into the underwater world.

Do an authentic jungle tour, exploring areas of the Ujung Kulon world heritage site with primary forest, rich in wild life. Jungle trips and boat trips are all done on the Sumur coastal village of Ujung Kulon which is an area rich in wild life and with primary forest. Alternatively have a splendid leisure time in Peucang Islands that lies in clear blue water off the north western coastline of the National park. It has white sand beaches and a coral reef shore that is home to fascinating marine life, an impressive forest shelter with an abundance of wild life. Stop over at the Nyawaan blue lagoon for swimming or snorkelling. Trekking north on Peucang island one passes through towering forests with big trees, to a rock archway beyond which are the reef pools of Karang Copong.

From Peucang Island, take a boat ride followed by a short walk and you will come across Cidaon grassland. Cidaon is the grazing pasture for Ujung Kulon’s wildlife including the banteng, peafowl and jungle fowl. From Cidaon, visitors can continue their excursion to Cibunar for the splendour of its untouched coastal wilderness and lowland rainforests. Throughout the journey, visitors may catch glimpses of an array of bird species and endemic plants essential to the Javan rhino’s diet. Cibunar is accessible from the northern coast and across the southern shores through lush natural vegetation.


From Jakarta, head towards Serang in Banten province through the toll road and continue for 1.5 hours to Labuan. From Labuan, it will take another 3.5 hours before reaching Taman Jaya, the entry point into the national park.  Alternatively  take depart from Carita beach by car to Sumur port, passing through hills, rice field and beaches, then board the wooden boat (slow boat) to Peucang island which will take 2 hours.


Best time to visit is from April to September. When planning a trip to Krakatau the best time to travel is the dry season because the seas are calm at this time of year and the wet boggy areas of the park are drier. During the monsoon season (November to April) the time taken may be very much longer and the journey uncomfortable, although there may be storms in any month of the year, at this time they are frequent and the journey can be dangerous.


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Ujung Kulon’s tropical climate and swampy area is still considered as an endemic Malarial, so consuming malaria pill before and while exploring the park is advisable. There is not much choice for places to eat there, there being only one restaurant belonging to the Park at Peucang Island. Group tours usually bring their own cook, so make sure you notify them if you are allergic to certain foods, so they can provide a substitute. For security reason make sure you are accompanied by an official or experienced guide before exploring deep into the jungle.


Wake up to the alarm of the chirping birds, eat healthy and hygienic organic meals, and entertain yourself by watching the activities of the animals and birds. Explore the nearby villages, learn about their customs and traditions, appreciate their art and craft and befriend the locals. This is the best way to spend your days while on eco tour in Ujung Kulon. It is best that you keep a distance from the herds of banteng (Bos javanicus), aslo known as bull, for fear of disturbing their grazing patterns. Visitors can quietly watch of these creatures from an observation tower through a telescope.


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