Welcome to Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with more than 17,508 islands spread ove...

Welcome to Indonesia

Discover the world’s largest archipelago. More than 17,508 islands spread over 5000 km along the equator, with more natural and cultural diversity than any other countries in Southeast Asia. The sun shines almost year round with the average temperature of 220C – 290C (720F – 840F). Rainy season extends from September to January and Dry season from February to August. Past volcanic eruptions have blessed Indonesia with some of the world’s best fertile soils producing incredibly lush tropical landscape; from terrace paddy field, dense tropical rain forest to hilly mountainous landscape, snow-covered mountain, and pristine coastal beaches.

Rice paddy fields in Tana Toraja, Sulawesi

More Than 50 National Parks

Indonesia is a unique marine biodiversity hotspot. Situated on what experts call the Wallace a region, Indonesia has 28,000 flora species ranging from tiny rate orchid to the giant Raflesia flower and 3,500 species of animals, including the endangered “Orang Utan” of Sumatra and Borneo, the unique giant lizard of Komodo, the horned Java Rhinoceros and the endangered Sumatran tigers.

For Active Travelers

There are 500 volcanoes to climb, week-long trekking in the forest, the best surfing and diving sport in the world; world-class competition sites for rafting and unique paragliding sport.

For Culture Lovers

More than 480 ethnic group keep alive over 583 local languages, but Indonesians are united by the national language, Bahasa Indonesia. Five main religions- Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholic and Protestant exist side by side – eith Muslims forming the majority of the population. This displays the nation’s long history of tolerance and openness. Age-old customs in the live of the indigenous tribes of West Papua co-exists in harmony with a post-modern culture. The Country is populated with 210 million mainly occupying the five big islands: Java, Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi (Celebes), Kalimantan (Borneo).



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